The No-Nonsense Guide to Writing

Book Contents

Preface by Jeremy Harmer

1 Do I have what it takes to be a writer?
What skills do ELT writers need to have? What's it like to do this as a profession?

2 Who can I write for?
Who’s who in the world of publishing? What material is suitable for different publishers?

3 How do I get noticed?
How can writers get ‘known'? How can they bring themselves to publishers’ (and the public’s) attention?

4 How do I write a successful sample?
Publishers often request a sample of your work before giving you a contract. What are the key elements that will convince potential publishers?

5 Who will I work with?
Material writing often involves a team of people on the same project. Who do ELT writers collaborate with during the publishing process?

6 What do I need to know about contracts?
Negotiating good contract terms is vital if writers are to be appropriately rewarded for the work they do. What are these terms? What should you look out for?

7 How can I get paid for writing materials?
The million dollar question. Writers are paid in various different ways (fees, royalties etc). How does this work? What’s the difference?

8 What about author tours and promotion?
What’s it like giving a presentation in front of a whole lot of teachers? What other kinds of meeting are there between writers and the teachers they serve?

9 What can go wrong?
What can writers do when relationships with co-authors, publishers, etc. go wrong?

10 URLs
A collection of useful links referred to in this publication.